Recruiting for Leading Technologies


Let's Build a Long-Term Relationship Full of Opportunities

100% Remote and Flexible

Streamline your working process. You will join the remote era without having to apply for a visa or sign an employment contract. We are 100% remote, no matter where you live.

Fair Compensation

We believe that recognising and rewarding your expertise is essential to building a mutually beneficial partnership. Therefore, you deserve to be paid competitively in either USD or Euro currencies.

Utilize the most recent stacks.

The newest technologies are being used on an increasing number of our projects. We are confident that we can get you working with any stack you can think of.

Supportive Environment

When you sign up for RTW, you become a part of an amazing community of developers, designers, and many other professionals.

Long-term relationship

We try to make sure that you have a new project to start when one of the ones you're working on is finished. We intend to make a long-term investment in you.

Control your time and flexibility

You'll be given access to your own account, where you'll have control over your finances, forthcoming vacations, and work schedule, among other things.

How to hire

Hiring Process

Step 1.


Basic information needed – Contact information, experience, skills, availability

Step 2.

Get Assessed

We curated assessments based on your skills and your desired remote working role

Step 3.

Participate to Interviews

We conduct interviews with you in your available times to get to know each other

Step 4.

Begin development

Once you join the club you will be start working in our crew for European countries

What we are looking for?

Beautiful Work

Following best practices brings great results. We are looking for candidates passionate about maintaining the standards associated with their area of expertise.


You don't need to have perfect English; however, a good level of English is important for communicating with companies and managing projects.


Both our customers and talents are equally valuable in our ecosystem. Therefore, we kindly ask you to maintain a high level of dedication in projects.

Eager to Learn

Whether you're a recent graduate or on the career path, excel in practice assessments for job interviews and dive into public cloud provider certification exams to boost your readiness for your next big opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with RemoteTech?

Remote Tech represents the modern solution to finding the right talent. We have developed a thorough screening process that allows us to pick the perfect candidate for the job. Our clients works with the most talented and high-quality developers and receives excellent service at an affordable cost.

Are there any upfront recruitment or contract-related costs?

No. We don't charge you anything up front to cover things like contract costs or recruiting costs. We are always looking for the best people to join our network, and we don't think it's fair for you to have to pay for this.

How does your screening process ensure top and qualified developers?

Our screening process ensures that only the top 1% of talent is accepted in the community. Developers go through various assessments to evaluate their technical skills, attitude, language and communication, enthusiasm, and understanding of the remote work culture.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the talent matched to my company?

In the unlikely event that the developer you choose is not a good fit for your project, we will find an alternate developer for you. This way, you don't have to worry about any costs if you are not satisfied.

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